Meet the Owner


Diane Bosco, Founder and Artistic Director, has been an established hair designer and innovator for over 45 years. During her earlier experience as a a stylist she traveled and educated thousands in the beauty industry, covering many parts of the world. In 1986 Diane opened Hot Waves with the intention of becoming #1 in her community and her mission was accomplished. Thirty years later Hot Waves and its outstanding Design Team, has won many awards with a tremendous amount of editorial work viewed world wide. Hot Waves has been deemed “Best Salon” several times over, voted by the “People’s Choice.” Her talented staff is surpassed by none due to an intense education program provided by Diane and many other guest artists from all over the world. Diane Bosco has a solid plan to continue to serve Philadelphia and its neighboring areas with the very best that the beauty world has to offer.

We will come to you!  In-salon education available. Do you lack confidence in hair designing? Are you looking to polish your skills? Are you just out of school? Customized programs available. Come in and chat with us for a free consultation.

Contact us:   [email protected] or 215-468-6282


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